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Natalie K. Mitchell, J.D. is a lawyer for Louisiana employees.

The Law Office of Natalie K. Mitchell, LLC is a boutique employment law firm representing employees throughout Louisiana. Our practice areas are:


  • wage claims, including misclassification and unpaid overtime;

  • employment discrimination and retaliation;

  • sexual harassment and gender discrimination;

  • employment contract disputes, including non-compete agreements;

  • and whistleblower claims.


We provide zealous advocacy and practical advice to solve problems, protect our client's legal interests, and waste no one's time. 

Natalie K. Mitchell is a member of the Plaintiff's Employment Lawyers of Louisiana, the Louisiana State Bar Association, and the New Orleans Bar Association. She has litigated in state and federal district courts across the state of Louisiana, primarily in Orleans and Jefferson parishes.


Mailing address: Law Office of Natalie K. Mitchell

                                 935 Gravier St., Suite 2020

                                 New Orleans, LA 70112

Phone:                   504-383-5785



Contact Us. If you are an employee in need of a private consultation regarding a potential legal issue, contact our firm today. 
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